Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where did the Children go

What has happened to the World Today?

Everybody struggling to find a way

To end the suffering and the pain

To find the happiness once again

What about the little children

Who never learn how to play

It’s almost like they went far away

When they’re young, just let them show it

If we love them dearly, let them know it

They grow up too fast, so let’s not blow it

One day they’re very small

Then you turn around and they’re tall

Kids barely venture outside

In their rooms they tend to hide

While sitting on a Playstation

They barely need imagination

Their friends are on a computer or cell phone

So they never do things, they’re always alone

As kids, we didn’t have 10,000 friends

But we formed personal friendships that didn’t bend

But on a computer the number of friends never ends

But un-like when we were kids

They don’t meet face to face

And never socialize in a special place

Electronic friendships are shallow and low

Because an electronic friend is hard to know

What happened to the stuff we used to know?

Where is the playtime? Where did it go?


  1. Children growing up these days are experiencing a life very different from that of only a a decade or two ago. They seemingly are growing up more quickly, not only physically but also becoming more like adults in their thinking at an earlier age. The world (media and advertising) is forcing them to grow up quickly and to lose their childhood innocence more quickly. They're only young once and they should enjoy being a child and not being forced to grow up by adverse influences.

    A great poem my friend and thanks for sharing this message.

  2. Ritchie it's good to see you my old friend. Yes they are forced at such an early age into the electronic age and I think it is destroying them.