Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big Brother and Me

My brother and me 1949

Big brother holding baby

Big brother holding the new baby

Big brother and me thinking this is crazy

Little brother wiggles and squirms

Big brother trying to hold this wiggle worm

Parents love loads of pictures by the dozen

Pictures to show off to aunts, uncles and cousins

Little boys have other ideas for a sunny day

Little boys would rather be out at play

But Mom insists, just smile a bit

Little brother not wanting to sit

Big brother sure to have a fit

Come on Mom, can't we just quit?

At the time the poses were a pain

Posing goes against a little one's grain

Little boys thinking this is insane

Enthusiasm of little boys beginning to wane

I'm glad, now we're older the pictures are here

As time passes, having picture memories so dear

We children grew up and moved away

But wonderful pictures, precious memories, are here to stay

The above poem is an excerpt from my new book

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