Friday, December 20, 2013

Sledding memories of the past

Sledding used to be so much fun
Neighbors and friends would join in the fun
We never got cold playing in the snow
But we surely did catch a cold

Sledding started way back when
Even adults would join in the fun
They would try to find the biggest hill
To give the women a great big thrill

A little snow is all you need
To go down hill with lightning speed
Happy faces, full of glee
Loads of fun, as you can see
Big brothers always the leader
Taking little brothers for a spin
Sledding down the hill
What a big thrill
Big brother sledding down the hill
Sometimes takes a spill
Falling in the snow is fun
Come on, take one more run
No more sledding for me
Others things on my mind
A war is raging in another land
I think it's time to take my stand

Now the sleds stand all alone
Oh the stories they could tell
Of a childhood past and all the fun
Tossed away like a piece of gum

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