Monday, October 29, 2012

AJ's Motel

The word Motel was coined in 1925 and referred to a type of hotel consisting of a single building of connected rooms whose doors faced a parking lot, aka. motor inn,motor courts. As the U.S. highway system began to develop in the mid 20’s long distance travel became more common and the need for inexpensive, easily accessible overnight accommodation close to the main routs led to the growth of the motel concept.  Motels peaked in the 1960’s with rising car travel only to decline with coming of the new chain hotels. Today few of these old motels exist any longer.  Here is one example of such a motel that has  been sitting vacant since the early 80’s called AJ's Motel, it sits along a stretch of highway 16 in the town of Hinsdle,NY as a remembrance of times past……….

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