Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Arcade Railroad

The Arcade Railroad is located in the town of Arcade,NY the railroad was founded in 1807. You can take a nostalgic train ride on the old steam engine through the country side.

Pick up your tickets in the old depot and browse the old railroad displays inside while waiting on the train.

Board the train take a seat and enjoy the ride with live music to entertain you on the ride.

It's about a half hour ride to the end of the track where the train stops to turn around, there is a snack bar  here where you can get a drink to wash down all the coal dust & smoke that you breathed in..

The old number 22 sits and the end of the line where the kids can climb on board.

The railroad has had an active freight service record, transporting grain, milk, cheese, gasoline, cows, coal and mail.  When Arcade's Borden plant was in operation, the railroad transported Cremora all across the nation. The 1930's were the boom years for the Arcade Railroad. 

 The Arcade Railroad in it's glory days..............

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