Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Book, "A Date With Vietnam"

It's been awhile since I've been writing but I have been busy for the last 7 months working on my latest book. This one has been a long time coming but I have finally finished it. The book is now in the final editing stages and will be released this coming Veterans Day 2013 and dedicated to my friends who never made it home.
This final book of my life in the Nam is a compelling story of my time spent there complete with the pictures that go with the stories. The book has close to 300 pages for your enjoyment along with the pictures that I took while there.

The longest process of this book was the processing of over 200 slides that I had to turn into pictures and bring back to life. These slides were stored in my parents attic for over 30 years and I had totally forgot about them until my parents death and the house was cleaned out. This book means everything to me and I wish my parents were still here to share this project with me. 

So I hope you check out or Kindle come November and order your copy.
Happy Reading
Steve Weathers - aka VietnamVet68


  1. I hope people read this. Americans need to know the truth about war and need history lessons from those who lived the history.

  2. We just posted a review on The VVA Veteran's Books in Review II page at

    --Marc Leepson, Arts Editor, The VVA Veteran, Vietnam Veterans of America,