Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vietnam War, Life goes on behind the scenes

The following pictures are ones I took in Saigon during 1967 and 1968 of the every day life. You would never know that a War was raging outside the city.


          The fruit market

                                                                                        Family coming to Town

                           The crowded streets


       Pottery Factory                                         Flower Market

                           The Sidewalk Vendors
                           Young Couple on Moped

Going Shopping

                                                                                                               Going to Work
                           Life in the Villages

                           Life in Grass Huts

                             Working in the Rice Paddies

                                                      Working in the Field

                                                    Life on the Saigon River

These pictures are just a few of the many I have that have never before been seen by anyone and are part of History. Hope you enjoyed them.


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