Thursday, November 7, 2013

As Veterans Day Approaches, Remember Our Soldiers

As Veterans Day comes around we think of the ones in harms way. But this Veterans Day I think of the friends I left behind in that Foreign Land so far away. So I leave you with these Poems to remember the ones that gave it all for your Freedom today.

A Letter From a Friend & Brother

If the truth be told
I must be getting pretty old
But you know, I'm still pretty bold

Sometimes it feels like yesterday
When I was just a boy
But time ticks on and so do I
For someday I know I to must die

As I sit here looking out my window pane
I dream about those days gone by
The places I've seen and the things I've done
Stuck in my mind and locked away

Sometimes they jump out, like a ghost in the night
They give me cold sweats and give me the shakes
And when I wake up, it was only a dream
About friends from a long time ago

Faces remembered but not forgotten
And then one day after 30 some years
I looked in the mail box and what did I find
A letter from a friend from a long time ago

He said he had a dream of a friend he had almost forgot
And the crazy times we had shared in a place called Vietnam
I called him on the phone and we talked for hours
Of those crazy, crazy days of long ago

It was great talking of those days from the war
Like the time we fought side by side
That was the day he saved my behind
Or those times we spent in those off-limit places
Doing our deeds and having our fun

We shared some stories and shared some laughs
When we were done, we said our goodbyes
Not realizing there would be no more
For you see, my friend has left me now

His heart gave out and he slipped away
So now I must say, goodbye my brother
Until we meet at heavens gate
You will always be remembered
Never Forgotten

(c) Steven E Weathers 2012

               **Lets we never forget * *

                  Veterans Day Remembered

As Veterans Day comes around again
You think of those in harms way
So far away in a foreign land
Will they come home again some day?

As old Veterans, we sit around
We talk of the battles we fought so hard
In a foreign land so far away
We think of the ones we left behind

We see the faces of long lost brothers
We wish they were here to enjoy this day
But all we have are the memories together
So don't look sad if we shed a tear

For we will forever remember  the ones left behind
Their names and faces etched in our minds
The ones left behind in that far away land
So remember our Veterans on this Veterans Day and bring them all back home

(c) Steve Weathers 2013 - aka VietnamVet68



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