Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Death of America

It all started a short time ago, China hatched a plan to take over America without firing a shot and in 2000 a Free Trade Agreement was signed with America at which time our President said it would be a good deal for Americans it would create jobs and make America prosper. It has done the opposite....... America will never recover.................
Soon after American manufacturing started shipping our factories over seas then flooding America with cheap Chinese goods putting Americans out of work and creating higher profits for themselves. Ask yourself is this good for our Country?  I think not. As more and more companies began to ship their factories over to China we created a monster. Those companies are gone forever along with the jobs. China has stolen our technology and the products and are now making cheap knock offs that are unsafe and dangerous to our health yet we still buy these products because we have no other choice now days. Look around you. When was the last time you could find a product that is made totally in America. Hell even our American Flag is made in China.  

Too many corporations want to be Chinese Companies, this is happening because obviously not only do Chinese people make the products, but companies have to turn over the technologies used in the manufacturing process.  Not just goods, but intellectual properties are lost as well, never to be retrieved.   Imagine, if you will, Coca Cola is a Chinese company now.  How many companies did we used to equate with American made?  Not so anymore.

While China is flooding America with their goods we are flooding China with our money and funding the build up of their Military which is now 4 times, you heard me FOUR TIMES as large as ours. You want to see America fall? Well it is happening right before your eyes and you don't even care anymore.  China supplies Iran and Syria and Iraq with Chinese made weapons, to be used against America.  There is ONE country gearing up and preparing for war with America, if they need to, guess who: China!

Even if you don't care Chinese workers are being killed because companies can abuse them, kill them, suffocate them with pollution, at the very least, think of your own family's safety.  Think of chemicals made in China and placed into toys your child puts in their mouth.  Every time you drink from a cup made in China, you consume chemicals.  Eat an apple or any food imported from China and you consume DDT and a host of other chemicals banned in America. 

We are now owned by China so shut your mouth and bend over and kiss your asses goodbye because this is whats happening while you stood by and did nothing to stop it.

   "The End of America as you knew it"

                     Say Goodbye...............

         Because you know it is true

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