Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Without firing a shot, "Destruction of America"

There once was a time when when we were a mighty Country with the greatest Infrastructure in the world, the best of everything with factories producing everything under the sun.. It was called the Industrial Age.
What ever happened to those factories and jobs. The Corporations got together and decided that if they shipped their factories to China they could get cheap labor and make even more profits. Well that worked fine in the short term but in the long term not so well. China took control of these companies and stole the technology, now the old factories are gone forever and so is the jobs never to return again and America looks like this.
  American Icons like Coca-Cola,IBM,American Flyer,Levi and many many more that were here for over 100 years are gone forever. Meanwhile China is still targeting our companies.
The Chinese are using American money from it's trade deficit and putting it to use to acquire American Brands. Out of all the Fortune 500 companies China owns 73 and are working to acquire more every day.

The US now owes big money to China, and sooner or later, the Chinese are going to come collect it and they will conquer the United States. But the question is, How will they do it? There will be no Military invasion, nor an armed war between the US and China. So how will it happen. Its a slippery slope for sure.
 As the Chinese buy up more and more American Companies Chinese workers are arriving in America and working in these factories becoming bosses and supervisors pushing the American worker aside. It used to be made in China now more than ever it is also owned by China.  Many Americans do not realize that China could step in and shut down many American banks, if they chose to do so. thus bringing this country to its knees.
We now have become so reliable on Chinese made goods that it puts our Military at risk, we may be the most powerful military in the world but if you do not get your vital parts to keep things going then all you will have is a big pile of junk that is inoperable.
                         Military junk yard in Arizona

Remember every time you go to a store and the label says made in China you are supporting the downfall of this Country

So while you sit around sipping your gin like there is no end, when the day comes remember I told you so.


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