Friday, August 12, 2011

A Kiss beneath the Old Umbrella

Sitting on the break wall by the river’s edge

Underneath the Old umbrella with you upon my lap

We while away the hours as we share love’s embrace

I leaned towards you and closed my eyes

As I placed my hands upon your thighs

Our lips meet with passionate desire

You smell so sweet, like the summer flowers

I could sit here forever and while away the hours

Under this umbrella and the summer showers

Your lips taste like brandy wine

Won’t you be mine forever in time

On a feast of love we will dine

Passers by stop and stare

We are wrapped in love with no care

Simply the two of us in a world we don’t share

I only have eyes for you filled with love

I feel like you are a gift from above

Your skin is so soft, like a morning dove

Sitting on the banks with you my sweet

It’s like a picnic, a wonderful treat

Your kisses sweep me off my feet

© S. Weathers 2010

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