Monday, August 22, 2011

Live each day like it’s your last

As the years tick by

And time seems to fly

Enjoy each day like there is no tomorrow

Do all the things you love to do

Fulfill all your dreams and desires

Who cares what anyone thinks

Surf the net, surf the waves

Have a whiskey, have a beer

Lift the glass to drink good cheer

You can ride a bike or exercise

But this is a fact, no surprise

That little heart only gets so many beats

So when you exercise, thinking death you cheat

You’re wrong my Friend

You’ll in the end get a plot covered in peat

So enjoy your time now

Don’t let anyone dissuade you somehow

Through this life, enjoy, glide don’t just plow

Today is today

Yesterday’s gone

Live life today, write new songs

Enjoy each day as if it’s your last

Have a good time

Have a party, have a blast

Stop smell the roses

Look at pretty ladies with hoses

Maybe they’ll give you some poses

Being old is no curse

Maybe a lady will call you fresh

Maybe they’ll hit you with their purse

So I put on my shoes to go running

Well on second thought

I think I’ll go to the lake and go sunning

Don’t let life give you a fright

Live each day like it’s your last

One day you too will get it right


  1. I totally agree with you my fellow Poet, life is a bitch and then we die. So drink up, be kind, love one another to your fullest capacity. Enjoy what mother nature puts in front of us, care for the animals and treat them humanely. After all we will meet them when we cross over to the other side of Heaven or Hell.

  2. Im looking forward to walking in the Garden of Eden and caring for the animals my friend. PEACE