Monday, August 15, 2011

Remember when America Stood for something

Say La Vie said the old folks

This country used to belong to you and me

We saw a lack of Civil Rights and knew it wasn’t right

We knew about the trickle down affect, long before Ronald Regan

Especially when it came to social issues

But we didn’t sit and whine and cry

And we didn’t say please pass the tissues

Our friends back then said “It isn’t right”

But instead of saying, ‘Oh well’ we fought with all our might

The government said we were Commies, Subversives and wanted us to shut up

But we laughed, rallied in groups, took to the streets and said

‘Sorry big Gov, your lawlessness time is now up’

The government boys said we’d ‘get hurt if we kept on’

We said, “Go ahead then, fill up our cup’

They came at us with cops, tear gas, and Billie clubs

We lived through some big times

Some history enough to write a big fat hub

Did we stop because we met a cop?

No sir we kept on and stood up for what’s right

We rallied, protested from the North, South, East and West

We rallied and did our best from New York State to Kent State

When our brothers were hurting, our duties we did not keep skirting

We knew with danger we might be flirting

Our parents sighed, our parents cried

The elders said why do this?

We said because YOU taught us to care

How can we live in a world of pain we don’t share?

The old folks said, ‘well you have us There’

Just like today, we could have shied away

But when you roll over, to your kids what do you say?

You tell of a tale of being a coward and scared?

Or tell them, it wasn’t right, we had to go there?

I’d rather say I tried, stood up and never shied

Instead of being run off a cliff while for cowards No One cries

We remember heroes

When we let it go on as cowards, we are Less than zero

What should OUR children and grandchildren say?

Our parents and grandparents let scoundrels have their way?

Why they didn’t care for future generations, it’s hard to say

Will you allow it or will you save the day?

We now say the rich got rich by hard work

The rich got rich by being jerks

You want your grandchildren sent to a mine to work?

If we don’t say a word, WE are the jerks!

You want to be a follower and pushed from a cliff?

Are you afraid to be a leader because of a little riff?

Yes, stand up for your rights there will be a tiff

But standing up in America is the only way to UP LIFT

It won’t get done by simply lip service

Has this Generation ever heard of community service?

Or does a little hard work make you nervous?

So stand up for America or they will have there way just like a thief in the night

© S. Weathers 2011

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