Sunday, August 14, 2011

So when is an Ass an Ass

1920 French A.S.S.

Driving through the country side

Along the road I seen a Ass

Prettiest ass I ever did see

Pulling a wagon down the hill

Watching him was such a thrill

So when is an ass a bad word?

For an ass you see is an Animal

Some say an ass is an idiot

If you’re an ass you are stupid

An ass is also an old French car

An ass is a human Gene

So if someone says you are an ass

You just might get mad at them

But if you say you have a French Ass

They might be enthralled with you

For Wikipedia says an ass is not a bad word

So tell me now, what’s the big deal about an ass?

I guess it’s all in the eyes of the reader

So if I like my neighbors ass it’s no big deal

© S. Weathers 2011

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