Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Bad Boys of Company B

The Bad Boys of Company B

We are the heart breakers

And the beer drinkers

The trouble makers

And the life takers

We bust our ass all day

We like to fight all night

We hail from everywhere

From the east coast to the west coast

We might take a toke

But it's no joke

When the enemy is in sight, we don't hesitate

We squeeze the trigger to our delight

Tracers ripping into the night

It must be a huge fire fight

The overwhelming urge to break and run

The paralyzing instinct to freeze or hide

The flares are popping overhead

The shadows are dancing on the ground

As we ramble on down the trail

The bullets streaking through the air

In the distance sickening sounds

The deadened thump of mortar rounds

Shouts of in-coming and everyone running

Nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide

You just might live to see another day

For this time it's do or die


  1. Makes me want to yell : Ooo Rah! lol My dad was a Marine and a proud one at that. This makes me think of how it must have been for him. They called him "Monty" in his unit for his last name Montanez. Thanks for sharing this, it made me smile. :-)

  2. Jaime so glad you enjoyed it and it made you smile and think about your father.