Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Girls of the USO Shows , Vietnam

Nilla Thorn landing in Saigon 1968

The USO Girls of Vietnam

They came to us to bring a smile

In this land of Uncle Ho

Always in danger as they put on there show

Those were the girls of the USO

They all chose to come here

To lift our spirits and make us smile

Each one brought there special gift

If you weren't able to see them

The Radio waves would spread the news

That the girls were here to take away your blues

If only for a little while, they would make you smile

If you were lucky enough to see the show

Two hours of happiness

Was worth two years in the Nam

They would bring a short reprieve

The sight of a beautiful girl from the USA

Raquel Welch, Connie Stevens and Suzanne Pleshette

We remembered fondly what they wore

Just to put a smile on a weary sole

With a heart of Gold and jokes galore

Theye entertained us one and all

But now those years have passed us on by

And your faces still linger on in my mind

You have left us now in Gods grace

So accept my thanks for the memories

Thanks for all the memories

Bob Hope

Racquel Welch

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