Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Old Cruiser 47 Fleetline

I was cleaning out my big stack of CD's and I found some more pictures of my old 47. She was a beauty and fun car to drive, she would turn a lot of heads when you drove down the street. The first time we took it to the car show we came home with a trophy. She left me a lot of memories of cruising on a hot summers night. Though she didn't have a big engine it sure was fun watching the heads turn as you drove by.


  1. Loved that old car. Look at you Mr, all those followers, I'm jealous. :0) Love ya!

  2. Orale! This is a firme ranfla you got there!!! Love it!!! Beautiful ...I can imagine cruising the calles in her.....a dream!

  3. Sometimes I wish I still had that old car. It was lots of fun.