Friday, September 9, 2011

Okinawa 1967

This is the Pinnacle on the Island of Ie Shema just off the coast of Okinawa. This picture is what it looked like after the battle in 1945. The battle for this hill was long fought and hard with over 200 American lives lost taking this hill. The Japanese had this hill highly protected , see picture below.

Below is a picture of me standing on top of this Pinnacle with what remains of one of the gun implacements taken in 1967.

The top of the Peak


  1. this was cool. My dad was stationed in Okinawa. He was Military Police over there and had lots of stories to tell of that place. thanks for sharing!!

  2. HI Jaime, glad you enjoyed the story I will be doing more on Okinawa as I have lots of pictures from when I was stationed there. Thanks for reading. GOD Bless