Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The National Drags (Indianapolis) 1964

In the early 60's drag racing was the thing to do. Every time someone got a new car we wanted to see who had the fastest one. My first car was a 1949 plymouth that I paid $50 for just to have something to drive to school. It was a big bathtub an old family car but I still would run the shit out of it when ever I could. We used to race down the old gravel roads at 60 miles an hour in a cloud of dust. Just crazy teenagers having fun.
Living about an hour from Indianapolis,Indiana where the National Drag races were held was the place to be in the month of August. Just to sit and watch and listen to those engines rev was awesome. The fun was when you could get a pit pass and go down and get up close and personal with the cars.

The fellow beside the dragster is my older brother, I'm standing beside the 59 Chevy in the background. It was lots of fun while it lasted and two years later in 1966 in ended up joining the service going to Okinawa and then off to Vietnam for two years coming home in 1969. I turned 21 the following year so I bought my first brand new car 1 1970 Dodge Super Bee with a 440 6pack with a bright Canary Yellow paint job. it was my pride and joy when I drove it off the lot for the first time in the summer of 1970. Most of my old High School friends were either in College or working so my car was the envy of everyone. Every Friday night hanging out at the old Drive-In waiting for closing time, then everyone would head out of town to drag race on the back roads. One of my friends had bought a Plymouth Road Runner and he thought it was hot so we decided to race one night to see who could have the bragging rights. That was the night I won my first race.

Those were the fun days of my youth Hot cars,Drag Racing and Women.

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