Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Being a boy in the country

I was raised in the country on North River Road in W. Lafayette,Indiana. North river road ran north out of Lafayette along the Wabash river so we were river rats as we were always playing down by the river learning how to swim and fish and all the other great activities that rural life had to offer.
We always loved it when our cousins came to visit as we would play on the swings and participate in fun games in the yard. After dark we would play hide and seek and catch lightning bugs.
On rainy days my brothers and I would sit in the house reading books,watching cartoons, eating cracker jacks.
Laundry day was always fun as I got to help my mom hang out the laundry and I got to help carry the clothes out for her.
When I was big enough my dad taught me how to shoot a gun and taught me how to go hunting with him.
After turning 16 I decided to join the military I was sent to Fort Leonard Wood, MO. for basic training and eventually was sent to Vietnam for two years.

After I was released from active duty and came back to the states I joined the Army Reserves and eventually became a Drill Instructor being promoted to 1st Sergeant just before I retired in 1996.
 My military duties took me all over the world allowing me to serve in Okinawa,Japan,Vietnam,Guam and Thailand. I also served in the states at Ft Leonard Wood,MO,Ft Jackson S. Carolina,Ft Meade,MD, Ft Dix,NJ,Ft Indian Town Gap,PA, Ft Benjaman Harrison,IN, Red River Army Depot,TX,Toeele Army Depot in Utah
I later took up writing and published my memoirs in 2010 and have since published three other poetry books and a children's book. I am now working on another poetry book about Vietnam.

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