Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reflections of Saigon

                      (Picture was taken Sept 1967 upon my arrival)

The following is a poem that I wrote about Saigon for my book "Poems of a forgotten war" hope you enjoy it.


When I first saw this place we formed a bond

The streets of this city were a sight to behold
I wandered the markets, tasted the food
I walked her streets and felt so bold

This lovely,lovely unspoiled city
To a young soldier, she seemed so pretty
The smells of food could lift my mood
She would one day be in ruins, such a pity

As a young soldier I loved her
I went to her bars and walked her streets
I watched her people, living and happy
I walked her streets, for my senses, such a treat

From shop to shop I used to hop
You could buy food and silk suits
Girls on the corner wanting your companionship
To look at them you'd not always see their hardship

The girls so tempting and calling
I wonder how many soldiers virtue went falling
Come hither, they'd say
Be my companion for just this day................

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