Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snowflake and the Holidays

We want to tell you about a little Snowflake for the upcoming Christmas holiday.  Especially for all the kids and grandchildren on your buying list.

Snowflake is an endearing story about a very small, very scared little kitten we found in our backyard.  She was on her last leg, hungry and anything could have easily had her for dinner the night we picked her up and brought her inside.  

We have loved her ever since and would not trade her for the world now.  She can be sweet, she can be naughty and yet always lovable and looking so innocent when she does something we find naughty.  She is smart and sometimes outsmarts her owners, in fact she does quite often.

But most important, this is a wonderful lesson, in storybook form with great pictures.  A story that teaches a lesson in a fun way about why animals should never abandoned.  A story about love and many warm days filled with entertainment and compassion.  Snowflake always lets us know she is happy with us, sometimes jumping on Steve's lap and giving him a big kiss on the face. 

We think this will make a wonderful and affordable gift for any deserving child on your list. Would make a great stocking stuffer.
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Thank you,

Steve and Roberta (Authors) 

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