Thursday, November 1, 2012

Old Schools

The age of modern times and new schools have left these old schools to sit abandoned falling down and boarded up as a reminder of the times past

With communities trying to save taxpayer money, schools merge and yet, somehow, the taxes still increase.  But now residents of towns have to pay for the new buildings.

Larger class rooms make it more difficult for those students needing extra help.  Was the old way bad?  Probably not, as many of us who grew up in smaller, more personal, schools will tell you, we still feel we were given a much better education.  We will miss you, old schools!

The following pictures I took on some of my travels across the state.

#1 This one was taken in the town of Salamanca,NY.

                         (click on picture to enlarge)

#2 This one was taken in the town of Bradford,PA.
                         (Click on picture to enlarge)

My old high school,KLONDIKE HIGH,  W. Lafayette,Indiana

                            (Click on picture to enlarge)

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